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Weaving yarns

Weaving books and magazines

Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom
13 Oct 2015
by Syne Mitchell

Learning To Weave
5 Jan 2009
by Deborah Chandler

Ashford book of Rigid Heddle Weaving

Weaver's book of 8-Shaft Patterns
1 Nov 1991
By Carol Strickler

Handweaver's Pattern Book: The essential illustrated guide to over 600 fabric weaves
15 November 2018
By Anne Dixon

Handwoven - Monthly magazine - subscription required

Weaving software

iWeaveIt - software for Mac and Windows

Fireworks - software for Mac and Windows

PixeLoom - software for planning projects, editing drafts and virtual sampling for Mac and Windows

WeavePoint - software for advanced weaving design